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Effective locust hopper control measures

Massawa, 28 January 2021 – Effective hopper control measures are underway in the Northern Red Sea Region, the regional branch of the Ministry of Agriculture stated.

According to the report, eggs laid by the desert locust swarm invasion that appeared last year have recently started hatching with the beginning of the rainy season in the region, particularly in Qrora sub-zone. However, thanks to the effective preparations undertaken in Qrora sub-zone they are put under control before inflicting any damage on the vegetation.

Stating that overwhelming amount of locust hoppers have been hatched in Qrora sub-zone, Mr. Adm Saleh, head of Agriculture at the sub zone said that the hoppers have been put under control thanks to the concerted measures taken by members of the Ministry of Agriculture, EDF units, administration and residents and that locust breeding areas have already been identified.

Indicating that the hoppers’ control measure was supported by six pesticides spraying vehicles, Mr. Tesfit Gerezgiher, coordinator of locust combating task force in the Northern Red Sea Region affirmed the overwhelming number of locust hoppers that were hatched in the sub zone and the area they were stretched is first of its kind in the country.

The Ministry of Agriculture is conducting surveillance and control measures by establishing surveillance stations in Gelalo, Sheib, Afabet and Qrora sub zones.

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