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NRS: locust swarm invasion put under control

Massawa, 07 February 2021 – Locust swarm invasion recently appeared in Ginda and Foro sub-zones, the Northern Red Sea region have been put under control thanks to the concerted measure by professionals, EDF units, the public and administration.

The locust infestation that appeared at Gahtelay area, Ginda sub-zone, as well as Gedem-Lahze, Rawda, Robrobia and Malka-Esh areas, Foro sub-zone was put under control before inflicting any damage to vegetation and crops.

The desert locust swarm that appeared on 27 January and was stretched over 300 hectares around Gahtelay Dam was very perilous and was put under control through a regorious effort by deploying a number of pesticide spraying vehicles and human-supported spraying equipment, according to professionals.

The locust swarm that appeared in Foro sub zone on 28 and 31 January as well as on 2 February was put under control before flying.

In related news, hoppers that hatched in the Foro sub-zone was put under control, the Ministry of Agriculture branch in the Northern Red Sea region stated.

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