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Effort to control desert locust swarm

Massawa, 10February 2021- Strong integrated effort is being exerted in cooperation with agricultural experts, members of the Defense Forces, and the public to control the second desert locust swarm that has appeared in Ghinda subzone.

The coordinators of the campaign indicated that so far 70% of the locust invasion that has been stretched from Ghinda town to Embatkala has been put in control and effort is ongoing.

Indicating that the desert locust invasion that came across the border is dangerous both in number and type, Mr. Dawit Angesom, head of Plant Development at the Ministry of Agriculture branch in the sub-zone said that integrated effort is being made to put under control the invasion.

The the administrator of the sub-zone, Mr. Omar Yahya Haj on his part commended the members of the Eritrean Defense Forces are demonstrating in the effort to put in control of the locust swarm.

It is to be recalled that the desert locust swarm that was seen in the sub-zones of Ghinda and Foro was put under control through integrated effort on the part of the public, members of the Defense Forces, and agricultural experts.

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