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Eritrean community festival in Australia

Asmara, 10 February 2021 – Eritrean community festival in Australia was conducted enthusiastically respecting the objective situation of the COVID-19 disease and guidelines issued to control the pandemic.

The national festival that was attended by nationals from all ages featured various activities including speeches on the objective situation in the homeland and the region, the impact of the COVID-19 disease, and the measures being taken by the Government and people of Eritrea to combat the spread of the pandemic, as well as cultural performances and sports events.

In a speech delivered, Mr. Tekeste Mehari, General Consul at the Eritrean Embassy in Australia and New Zealand stating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic throughout the world in 2020, commended nationals inside and outside Eritrea for their strong participation in the fight against the pandemic and said that nationals in Australia contributed over 200 thousand USD toward augmenting the National Fund.

He further congratulated the people of Eritrea and members of the defense forces on the 31st anniversary of Operation Fenkil that is being commemorated.

At an extensive briefing delivered virtually, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Osman Saleh commended the nationals in Australia for their strong support toward their people and Government and lauded their effort to transfer the national values, culture, and identity to posterity.

Regarding the international and regional objective situation, Minister Osman indicating that each and every epoch creates its own opportunities and challenges said that foiling challenges encountered and seizing opportunities is a formidable culture of the struggle of the Eritrean people and called on every citizen to enhance awareness and reinforce participation.

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