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Gindae: Successful desert locust combating activity

Gindae, 16 February 2021 – Second wave of desert locust invasion that appeared in various areas of Gindae sub-zone on the 1st week of February has been put under control by the concerted measures taken by agriculture experts, members of EDF units, the public and administration.

Indicating the locust swarm that came across neighboring countries was perilous for its type and number, agricultural experts stated that owing to the early preparation and integrated effort undertaken notwithstanding climatic and geographic challenges of the area, the swarm was put under control before inflicting significant damage to vegetation.

Pointing out that the desert locust was stretched over 10 hectares of land and was put under control through concerted effort, the experts reminded farmers and residents to remain vigilant as the upsurge of desert locust infestation remains critical in the neighboring countries.

It is to be recalled that desert locust swarm infestations that appeared in Gindae and Foro sub-zones on the last days of January were put under control thanks to the integrated effort by stakeholders.

In related news, similar activity is being conducted to put under control hoppers that hatched in Qrora sub-zone particularly in Emahmime administrative area, the Ministry of Agriculture reported.

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