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Effort to develop fresh water fish farming

Asmara, 20 February 2021 – Strong effort is being exerted to reinforce freshwater fish farming cooperative association by extending support and organizing trainings, the Ministry of Marine Resources branch in the Central region stated.

Speaking to Erina, Mr. Efrem Tesfay, from the branch office, said that fresh water fish farming activities is being conducted in 40 dams out of which 33 are registering commendable results.

Regarding the effort conducted to introduce fish as part of daily food of the public, Mr. Efrem said that training programs on fish farming and fish dish preparations were organized to 77 residents including 42 females and that more will be organized as the outcome is encouraging.

He further said that the Ministry of Marine Resources branch in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture and Land of the region is working to prevent the dams from filling with silt by constructing water diversion canals as well as conducting water and soil conservation activities.

Members of the freshwater fish farming cooperative association on their part commending the training provided and support the Ministry of Marine resources branch is extending expressed readiness to exert capacity level effort for the advancement and success of their activities.


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