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Peaceful rally by nationals abroad

Asmara, 07 May 2021- Eritrean nationals in the UK and the US conducted a peaceful rally condemning the illegal sanctions the European Union has imposed on Eritrea and the hostilities to derail the peace and development initiative in the Horn of Africa.

At a rally held in London on 3 May in which the Ethiopian community members in that city took part, the participants lauded the effort being taken by the Governments in the Horn Africa and in particular the Government of Eritrea to strengthen peace and cooperation in the region.

The participants called for the end of the illegal interference of the European Union and the US in the Horn of Africa.

Nationals residing in various cities in the US also submitted petition letters to US officials in the cities of their residence calling for the end of hostile propaganda campaigns and defamation against the Eritrean Government.

The participants of peaceful rallies also carried placards showcasing the initiative the Governments in the Horn of Africa are taking to make the lost opportunities in the past 30 years and to develop cooperation and partnership between the countries in the region.

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