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Substantial investment to produce competent human resources

Asmara, 17 May 2021- In the past independence years substantial investment has been made with a view to produce generations equipped with academic knowledge and skills.

The Ministry of Education in order to provide educational opportunity to all citizens has been working to put in place one kindergarten in all villages of the country, one elementary school in every three kilometers, one junior school in every five kilometers, one high school in every 10 kilometers as well as colleges and technical schools as necessary and that so far encouraging outcome has been registered.

According to documents from the Ministry of Education, in 1991 there were 44 schools in the Central Region, 50 in Gash Barka region, 56 in Anseba region, 31 in Southern region, 21 in the Northern Red Sea region and 12 in the Southern Red Sea region totaling 215 schools throughout the country.

Currently, the documents indicate that, with the substantial investment made the number of schools have reached 152 schools in the Central region, 306 in Gash Barka region, 153 in Anseba region, 304 in the Southern region, 172 in the Northern Red Sea region, 54 in the Southern Red Sea region totaling 703 schools ranging from elementary to high school and the number of students has reached to over 800 thousand.

The vocational training centers in Sawa and Adi-Halo are providing vocational training to students that have not scored passing marks to join colleges in various fields and that attests to the efficacy of the policy of the Eritrean Government to provide educational opportunity to all citizens.

Furthermore, the illiteracy rate has reached to 85% through the adult education program, the report indicated.

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