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Eri-Diaspora celebrate Independence Day anniversary

Asmara, 27 May 2021 – Eritrean nationals in Sweden, Qatar, Angola, and Zimbabwe celebrated the 30th Independence Day anniversary enthusiastically under the theme “Resilient: As Ever”.

At the celebratory event conducted in Stockholm, Sweden, on 23 May, Mr. Yonas Mana, Charge d’affairs at the Embassy of Eritrea in Scandinavian countries underlining the precious price paid to secure independence and safeguard the national sovereignty said that this year’s Independence Day anniversary is unique for it is celebrated at the time of new developments prevailing in the Horn of Africa.

He further called for renewing pledge to reinforce participation in the national development endeavors and commended all that contributed to realize the event.

Indicating that the 30th Independence Day anniversary celebration is the outcome of the achievements registered in the past 30 years, the chairperson of the National Holidays Coordinating Committee, Mr. Alem Teklegergish on his part lauded the heroic feat and resilience the people of Eritrea demonstrated before and after independence.

The celebratory event featured cultural and artistic performances, a general knowledge contest, as well as carnival and flag-waving activities.

The 30th Independence Day anniversary was also similarly celebrated in other cities of Sweden.

In related news, Eritreans residing in Qatar celebrated the 30th Independence Day anniversary on 26 May in the city of Doha.

At the celebratory event conducted with limited participation in compliance with the guidelines issued for controlling the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the Ambassador of Eritrea in Qatar, Mr. Ali Ibrahim said that the past 30 years are an epitome of our resilience, struggle and victories of the Eritrean people and congratulated the people of Eritrea and its Defense Forces.

Mr. Hussien Mohammed-Saleh, chairman of the Eritrean community in Qatar on his part said that the 30th Independence Day anniversary is being celebrated at the time in which Eritrea has emerged victorious foiling various hostilities and challenges.

Similarly, nationals residing in Angola and Zimbabwe celebrated 30th Independence Day anniversary respecting the guidelines issued in their respective countries of residence aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

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