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Material support to disabled nationals

Asmara, 07 June 2021- Eritrean nationals in Sweden known as “Eri-Childhood” contributed 100 wheelchairs to disabled nationals.

According to Mr. Gebrehiwet Tekle, head of Physiotherapy Center at the Orotta Referral Hospital, wheelchairs will have a significant contribution in alleviating the problem of the disabled citizens and their caretakers and expressed appreciation for the initiative the members of the “Eri-Childhood” took.

Indicating that the support has been in continuation to the “Eri-Childhood” members have been contributing, Mr. Gebrehiwet said that the wheelchairs have been distributed to all regions.

Mr. Meseret Feshaye, representative of the group, on his part, said that the “Eri-Childhood” group has so far contributed 250 wheelchairs to disabled nationals.

The wheelchairs have been distributed to all-region including 50 to the Central region, 20 to the Southern region, 15 to Gash Barka, as well as 5 each to the Anseba, Northern, and Southern Red Sea regions.

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