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Financial support to families of martyrs

Massawa, 29 June 2021- The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare branch in the Northern Red Sea Region reported that in the past 17 years over 307 million Nakfa has been disbursed to families of martyrs.

Mr. Ismail Osman, the representative of the branch office, said that on top of the regular payment by the Government to families of martyrs, nationals inside the country and abroad have contributed over 9 million Nakfa to the same cause and that attests to the respect and honor the Eritrean people have towards their martyrs.

Mr. Ismail went on to say that since 2019 Government employees and affluent individuals in the sub-zones of Massawa, Ghinda, Afabet, and Nakfa took the initiative to support families of martyrs by contributing over 1 million 170 thousand Nakfa.

Mr. Ismail further indicated that other sub-zones of the region are taking similar initiatives to support families of martyrs in their areas.

Mr. Ismail also called for reinforced contribution with a view to enabling families of martyrs to become self-supportive and productive members of society.

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