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Activity assessment meeting of nationals in Italy

Asmara, 30 June 2021 – Eritrean organizations in Italy conducted six months activity assessment meeting on 26 June adopting resolution to reinforce organizational capacity in line with the prevailing new era.

At the virtual meeting in which 75 members of the executive bodies participated, Mr. Fessehatsion Petros, Ambassador of Eritrea to Italy, delivered extensive briefing on the objective situation in the homeland and the region as well as on the responsibility of nationals in the prevailing new era.

Participants conducted extensive discussion on the activity reports presented by executive and national committees and agreed to organize regular meetings in accordance with the extenuation of the restrictions issued to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy.

In related news, at a memorial events organized in connection with the 20 June, Martyrs Day, nationals residing in various cities of Italy contributed a total of 41 thousand 365 Euros to augment the Martyrs Trust Fund.

According to report, nationals residing in Abruzzo contributed 420 Euros, nationals in Firenze 1 thousand 370 Euros, nationals in Pisa 900 Euros, nationals in Rome 13 thousand Euros, nationals in Napoli 310 Euros, nationals in Bari 1 thousand 040 Euros, nationals in Catania 1 thousand 080 Euros, nationals in Parma 1 thousand 500 Euros, nationals in Bologna 2 thousand 875 Euros, nationals in Verona 470 Euros, nationals in Milan 17 thousand 700 Euros and in Brescia contributed 700 Euros.

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