Business is booming.

Contribution to augment National Fund

Asmara, 01 July 2021 – In their fifth round of contribution, nationals residing in the Republic of South Sudan contributed 90 thousand 975 USD and 16 million 753 thousand South Sudanese Pounds to augment the National Fund to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to a report from the Embassy of Eritrea in South Sudan, employees of various businesses contributed 71 thousand 825 USD as well as 16 million and 753 thousand South Sudan Pounds, owners of ‘Emiha’ General Construction and Trading Company 3 thousand USD, owners of small hotels, garages, clinics, pharmacies, and other businesses contributed 16 thousand 150 USD.

It is to be recalled that, nationals residing in the Republic of South Sudan have contributed 589 thousand 990 USD and 6 million 525 thousand 800 South Sudan Pounds in the last four rounds of contribution.

In related news, at a commemorative event conducted in connection with 20 June, Martyrs Day, nationals residing in Qatar have contributed 1 thousand 996 Riyals to augment the Martyrs Trust Fund, the Embassy of Eritrea in Doha reported.

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