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Successful Anti-polio Vaccination Program

Asmara, 05 July 2021- The Ministry of Health reported that the polio vaccination program conducted across the country from 23 to 27 June to control the prevalence of the virus that has been detected in neighboring countries has been successful.

According to Mr. Tedros Yihdego, head of the National Vaccination Program, the vaccination program against polio that was given through injection has been successful by 93% and alongside it the provision of vitamin “A” by 97%.

Mr. Tedros also expressed appreciation for the strong participation the parents and stakeholders demonstrated for the successful implementation of the program.

Mr. Tedros said that 656 vaccination units, as well as about 2 thousand health professionals, have been mobilized to successfully conduct the program.

Mr. Tedros further indicated that preparation has been finalized to conduct vaccination against womb cancer to female children aged from 9 to 14 in 2022 and called on the Ministry of Education and stakeholders to reinforce participation for the success of the program.

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