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Encouraging development in agricultural sector

Assab, 09 July 2021- At an activity assessment meeting conducted on 7 and 8 July in the port city of Assab it was reported that encouraging development has been registered in the agricultural sector.

According to the report presented at the meeting, as a result of the 395 mm rainfall registered in the past six months coupled with the distribution of agricultural materials and crop seeds to farmers the production of vegetables and fruits has increased by 22% compared to that of last year.

The report further indicated that the residents of Afambo, Central Denkalia sub-zone, are demonstrating strong participation in the construction of terraces and water catchment schemes aimed at boosting agricultural output.

The report included the effort being exerted to control the COVID-19 pandemic, the progress of construction development program, social services and especially that of health provision, fishing activities and their progress as well as the contribution of the Government and community to support families of martyrs and disadvantaged citizens.

The participants of the meeting conducted extensive discussion on the report presented and adopted various recommendations.

Ambassador Mohammed-Seid Mantai, Governor of the Region, on his part commending the participation of the public and stakeholders in the effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, called for reinforced participation in avoiding harmful practices, environmental sanitation activities, and renovation of schools as well as in other development drives.

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