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Hamelmalo Agricultural College graduates 327 students

Asmara, 15 July 2021 – Hamelmalo  Agricultural College has conferred 1st Degrees and Diplomas to 327 graduates in its 14th Commencement held on virtual format today, 15th July.

The College conferred 1st Degrees to 163 and Diplomas to 164 graduates in nine fields of studies including Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Engineering, Animal Science, Plant Science, Horticulture, Marine Resources, Biotechnology, and other disciplines.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, Prof. Weldeamlak Araia, Dean of Hamelmalo Agricultural College said that the college is conducting capacity level contribution in boosting agricultural productivity and researches by producing competent and well-educated students in the fields of agricultural sciences.

Prof. Weldeamlak went on to say that effort is being exerted to upgrade the four-year undergraduate Degree for Animal Science Program to a six-year doctoral program and as such a curriculum for the program has already been prepared and approved.

He further called on the graduates to practically upgrade their skills on the ground and contribute to the national agricultural development program.

In its 14 commencements, the Hamelmalo Agricultural College has graduated 5 thousand 472 students in various fields of study.

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