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Denden Commercial School graduates 852 students

Asmara, 17 July 2021– In its 19th commencement, Denden Commercial School graduated 852 students including 606 females in certificate today, 17 July.

The students graduated in the fields of Book Keeping, Secretarial Science, Business Management and Library Science.

Indicating that vocational training has significant contribution in nation building process, Mr. Habtegergis Tedros, director of the school, said that the Government of Eritrea is making substantial investment in human resources development.

Mr. Habtegergis also called on the graduates to practically develop their skill and play due part in the implementation of the national development drives.

Mr. Measho Gebretensae, head of Supervision and Quality Control at the Ministry of Education, commending the graduates for the commitment they demonstrated during their stay at the school, reminded them to become exemplary in their place of assignment.

The representative of the students on his part commending for the opportunity they were provided, expressed conviction to live up to expectations.

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