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Transforming Homib through Potable Water Supply

By: Kesete Ghebrehiwet

The installation of a potable water supply facility is transforming Homib administrative area, which is found in Forto Sawa sub-zone that is known for its vast plains that are suitable for large-scale farming. Homib is being expanded, with new marketplaces, and the people are enjoying the new developments flourishing in the administrative area.

What appears to be a simple water supply project has actually transformed the overall living standards of the residents of Homib administrative area and other neighboring administrative areas in Forto-Sawa sub-zone. The residents of the area used to lead nomadic life until they began to live in permanent settlements and enjoy social services including the supply of potable water. The water supply project implemented in Homib administrative area has also positively impacted other development sectors, including healthcare facilities and schools.

Adi-Halo Projects, which has been active in the construction of roads, water supply projects, and other development undertakings in Kerkebet sub-zone, particularly in places such as Amalayt, Lokayb, Atay, and Agumayt, and in the Western Development Zone, in general, is also making a difference in Homib administrative area.

The employees from Adi-Halo Project have been at the forefront in ensuring easy access to potable water for the people living in remote areas and arid zones. They install new water supply facilities and solar energy and provide regular monitoring and maintenance services to existing water distribution facilities.

Sieno Abreha, from Adi-Halo Projects, has been working in the construction of water supply facilities in the Western Development Zone. He said that they have been installing potable water supply facilities in the arid zones of the Gash-Bara region, and they are pleased to see the lives of the people in such areas made easy.

Sieno and his colleagues from Adi- Halo Projects have been traveling to work in the remote parts of the Gash-Barka region as part of the Government’s plan to improve the living standards of the people of the area. However, the efforts of these committed youth would not have brought about the desired outcome without the extensive support of the local communities. Sieno said the local communities have been very supportive in every development undertaking in the area. “We have been hand and gloves with the residents of the area and everything has been carried out with efficiency thanks to their collaboration,” he said. He added that they are overwhelmed by the happiness of the people and are very pleased to see their efforts help improve the livelihood of the people.

Wehaj Osman, Administrator of Homib administrative area, said that the communities in their area now have easy access to potable water and Adi-Halo projects have been very active in the area in the installation of water tanks, pipes, and other development undertakings. He expressed his appreciation for Adi-Halo projects, which, he said, is always at the forefront in the construction of roads and water supply projects not only in the Forto- Sawa sub-zone but in all areas of the Gash-Barka region.

Praising the contribution of the workforce from Adi-Halo Projects, Mr. Wehaj said that the young members are so committed that projects that would have been accomplished in months have been implemented in days. As a result, he added, they are now able to drink clean water which is fundamental to the health of human beings.

The Government has been designing projects and mobilizing communities to work on development projects in places that had deficits in social services. The installation of a potable water supply facility in Homib administrative area, which is vital to many aspects of development, is yet another example of the Government’s commitment to social justice.

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