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Greening Campaign: contributing in wildlife development

Asmara, 22 July 2021- The Forestry and Wildlife Authority reported that the Greening Campaign coupled with the strong awareness-raising activities is significantly contributing to wildlife development.

Mr. Fitsum Hogos, head of Wildlife Conservation and Development, indicated that even though the establishment of reserved areas in Eritrea has 70 years history, it was practically initiated since 1997 by identifying 12 sites in the Northern and Southern Red Sea, Anseba, and Gash Barka Regions.

Pointing out that since the founding of the Forestry and Wildlife Authority 16 reserved area has been established, Mr. Fitsum said that in Northern and Southern Red Sea Regions there are 106 thousand hectares of reserved land, in Gash Barka Region 44 thousand hectares, in Buri and Airori over 350 thousand hectares and in Dahlak Islands about 200 thousand hectares.

Mr. Fistum went on to say that the wild animals including some that are on the verge of extinction are fully documented and proper follow-up is being conducted for their safety and continuity.

Indicating that the conflict between farmers and the wild animals, deforestation, expansion of farming lands are among the challenges being encountered, Mr. Fitsum said that strong awareness-raising programs as well as legal measures are being taken to ensure the development of wild animals in the country.

Mr. Fitsum also called for reinforced participation of the public and other stakeholders in the effort to conserve the wildlife resource of the country.


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