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Contribution to augment Martyrs Trust Fund

Asmara, 04 August 2021- Eritrean nationals inside the country and in the Diaspora extended financial contribution to augment the Martyrs Trust Fund.

According to report from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, members of the Eritrean community in the German cities of Nuremberg and Erlangen contributed 4 thousand 500 Euros, Eritrean community in South Sudan 5 thousand 395 Dollars, Ms. Mehret Demoz 25 thousand Nakfa, a national who wants to stay anonymous 15 thousand Nakfa, Ms. Almaz Gebrezghiabher 15 thousand Nakfa, family of martyr Gaim Tekie 15 thousand Nakfa, and family of the late Haddas Gerezghier 10 thousand Nakfa.

In the same vein, Eritrean community in Karlusruhe, Germany, contributed 4 thousand 200 Euros in support of 7 families of martyrs while a national residing in Houston, USA, contributed 3 thousand 600 Dollars in support of five families of martyrs.

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