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Commendable youth empowerment activities

Barentu, 05 August 2021 – Effort that has been exerted to empower the youth by providing vocational training and reinforcing their organizational capacity in the Gash Barka region has registered encouraging results. The comment was made at a six-month activity assessment meeting at the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students branch in the region conducted on 4 July.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Marikos Girmatsion, head of Organization and Political Affairs of the regional branch, stated that various activities including awareness-raising campaigns, strengthening organizational capacity and political awareness, provision of vocational training, development programs, among others were conducted in the past six months.

Representatives of various sub-branches of the union presented activity reports and called for the alleviation of the limitations witnessed at youth recreational centers.

Mr. Daniel Abraha, head of projects on his part stated that in the past six months 125 youth were provided with vocational training free of charge, and another 419 youth with nominal charges and called on the trainees to initiate income generation schemes and become economically self-supportive.

Speaking at the conclusion of the activity assessment meeting, the Governor of Gash Barka Region Ambassador Mahmud Ali Hiruy underscoring the significance of organizing activities that empower the youth expressed the regional administration’s readiness to support the activities organized aimed at empowering the youth.

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