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Reviving endangered indigenous tree species

Keren, 06 August 2021 – Commendable effort aimed at reviving endangered indigenous tree species as well as prevention of invasive tree species is being exerted in the Anseba region.

According to Mr. Kesete Tesfatsion, head of Forest and Wildlife Authority in the region, 55 of those that are categorized as endangered tree species nationwide are found in the Anseba region and that nurseries are engaged in the reproduction of  the endangered tree species as well as raising the awareness of the society.

Stating that fir, olives, bush fig, and sycamore or African Rock Fig are among the endangered indigenous tree species, Mr. Kesete said that effort is underway to protect the trees from extinction through concerted measures including reserving the areas suitable for the trees and preventing deforestation activities among others.

Mr. Kesete also said that measures are being taken against invasive tree species.

Mr. Kesete, finally, said that the Anseba region Forestry and Wildlife Authority is exerting capacity level effort to prevent deforestation activities and called on the public to strengthen participation to that end.

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