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Educational opportunity to children

Keren, 12 August 2021- The Ministry of Education is earnestly working to ensure educational opportunity at all levels and in particular to pre-school children. The report was made at a meeting conducted in Keren on 6 and 7 August.

Mr. Musa Husein Nayb, D. G. of General Education at the Ministry of Education, indicated that the Ministry is working to ensure that all children attend pre-school education as well as to ensure equitable distribution of educational facilities across the country.

Mr. Musa also called on the public and stakeholders to reinforce participation in realizing the Ministry’s strategic plan that until 2030 no child is left out of school.

Mr. Musa also indicated that the number of pre-school facilities that was 90 in 2001nationwide has currently increased to 524 and the number of students’ school enrolment from 8.5% to 33.8%.

Pointing out that the far location of schools, lack of regrouping of villages as well as nomadic lifestyle have been the main bottlenecks for the low level of students’ school enrolment, Mr. Musa said that strong effort is being exerted to address the challenges.

Mr. Kiflay Andemicael, head of the Ministry of Education branch in the Anseba region on his part underlining the significance of pre-school education in the mental development and creativity of children stated that due attention should be given to its development.

Ambassador Abdella Musa, Governor of Anseba Region, on his part called for strong participation and contribution of the public in the effort to expand pre-school facilities with a view to ensuring the educational opportunity to all.

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