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Seminar for nationals in South Sudan


Asmara, 26 August 2021 – The Embassy of Eritrea in South Sudan organized a seminar on 22 August focusing on “Eritrean national identity”.

The seminar that was moderated by Mr. Alamin Hamd, member of the PFDJ Central Office and PHD candidate in Political Science at the Ugandan Makarere University, included theoretical aspects of nation and nationalism, background of Eritrean identity, historical and cultural concept of the Eritrean identity, and the contribution of the armed struggle on strengthening Eritrean national identity, conspiracies against Eritrean identity as well as the struggle and sacrifice the Eritrean people paid to reinforce Eritrean identity.

Mr. Alamin further noted that the Eritrean national identity is built on political ideology based on social harmony and cultural integration and unity, and possesses a strong foundation of collective struggle and sacrifice.

Participants on their part underlining the significance of the workshop in reinforcing awareness and common understanding called for its sustainability.

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