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48 HRC Session – Item two: Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on the Situation of human rights in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia; 13 September 2021

Thank you Madame President,

Eritrea regrets the fact that the update of the High Commissioner was not posted earlier to ensure meaningful participation of delegations in the present interactive dialogue.

Eritrea has expressed, on previous occasions, its principled position and fully responded to unwarranted accusations leveled against it in relation to the ongoing Rule of Law Operations in the Tigray region by the Federal Government of Ethiopia. It is important to reiterate again that the OHCHR does not remain ambivalent on the misguided action that has emboldened the TPLF clique to resort to military adventures as well as on the real threats it continues to pose to the national security of Ethiopia as well as Eritrea. It is essential for the OHCHR to recognize the fact that the defunct TPLF clique constitutes the main cause and sole culprit in the crisis situation.

In this vein, Eritrea will give its full response again on the issues once the report is officially released. Nonetheless, it continues to reject ongoing attempts to deflect attention from the crimes perpetrated by the TPLF clique and to downplay its culpability.   This will not, indeed, serve the cause of peace and security, human rights, and development in the region.

The enhanced interactive dialogue on the Tigray Region of Ethiopia under discussion thus remains unfair; undermining the responsibility of sovereign Governments to take appropriate deterrent action while appeasing the TPLF criminal clique. This practice will corrode the inherent right to self-defense of sovereign nations; the common understanding on the constitutional duty of governments to mitigate imminent threats to their national security, and the need to fight terrorism wherever and whenever they occur. Above all, it perpetuates terrorism and anarchy while undermining the capabilities and obligations of sovereign states to maintain and safeguard the rule of law

After the declaration of a unilateral ceasefire by the Federal Government of Ethiopia, the TPLF has continued its reckless military offensives in the Afar and Amhara regions of Ethiopia by using children as cannon fodder.  It has clearly stated its intentions to again attack Eritrea once it succeeds to “overthrow the Federal Government of Ethiopia’’. In these regions, the TPLF has committed untold crimes, sufferings and destruction. As usual, the international community has remained silent on a matter that could further exacerbate the crisis and bloodshed. The debate will be insignificant to victims of abuse should the panel fail to recognize the above-stated realities.

Madame President,

In conclusion, it is unacceptable that the penholders of the resolution that led to this interactive dialogue continue to depend on a protracted disinformation campaigns aiming at scapegoating Eritrea and covering up the essence of the crisis and the crimes committed by the defunct TPLF clique. Moreover, it is unacceptable that the same external entities and handlers of the clique that aided and abetted its murderous reign in Ethiopia and in the Horn of Africa for 27 years are again desperately working to resuscitate it.


I thank you

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