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Workshop to develop nutrition SBCC manual concludes

Asmara, 02 October 2021The three-day multi-stakeholder Consultation Workshop for the Development of a Roadmap for Nutrition Social Behavioral Change Communication Strategy and Manual organized by the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN concluded on 1 October adopting various recommendations.

At the workshop that was conducted at Asmara Palace Hotel, various topics were raised and discussed including the development of fish farming and nutritious food, the role of UN institutions in improving recipes and food diversity and related activities, the role of the mass media in raising awareness of the public, designing a strategic plan on nutrition social behavioral change as well on other related issues.

Dr. Eden Tareke, a chemist and food expert said that the objective of the workshop was to create a common understanding and develop a Roadmap for Nutrition Social Behavioral Change Communication Strategy and Manual.

Speaking to Erina, Mr. Bancie Saeed, FAO Representative in Eritrea, said that in line with the Sustainable Development Goals 2030, FAO’s mission in the nutrition sector is to tackle malnutrition in all its forms by promoting feasible policies and actions across agro-food systems to enable healthy diets for all.

The participants on their part conducted extensive discussion on the research papers presented and designed a roadmap and guidelines for ensuring nutrition social behavioral change communication.

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