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Call for a leading role in nurturing noble societal values

Asmara, 05 October 2021- In a message conveyed in connection with 5 October, International Teachers Day, Mr. Simon Mehari, Chairman of the National Teachers Association, called on teachers to play a leading role in nurturing noble societal values in the young generation.

Mr. Simon went on to say that the International Teachers Day that is being observed under the theme “Teachers-Pioneers for Education Renaissance” is a reminder to work for educational development by addressing challenges and shortcomings.

Mr. Simon indicated that the number of members of the National Teachers Association that was about six thousand in 1995 has in 2021 increased to over nineteen thousand and the number of female members from one thousand five hundred to seven thousand forty.

Mr. Simon went on to say that the training programs, seminars, and workshops that have been organized in cooperation with the Ministry of Education with a view to developing the capacity of teachers are registering encouraging results.

He also expressed readiness to work for the realization of the objectives of the Ministry of Education in general and to develop the teaching-learning process.

International Teachers Day is being observed for the 25th time at the national level and the 27th time at the international level.

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