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World Cerebral Palsy Day observed

Asmara, 06 October 2021- World Cerebral Palsy Day, 6 October, was observed at the national level in Asmara.

Indicating that Cerebral palsy is a disability caused by brain injury or problem and is one of the common physical disabilities affecting the most vulnerable, L/Col. Berhane Bokretsion, chairman of the National Association of Intellectual and Developmental Disability, said that as a result of the sustainable awareness-raising activities the understanding of the society on disability is growing from time to time.

L/Col. Berhane also called for putting in place infrastructure of the development of teaching and learning process for the victims, expansion of rehabilitation centers for the disabled as well as for the increased role of government institutions and stakeholders for the well-being of the disabled nationals.

World Cerebral Palsy Day is being observed for the 3rd time at a national level and for the 10th time globally.

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