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FM Osman Saleh conducted a seminar to nationals in Italy

Asmara, 12 October 2021 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs Osman Saleh conducted a seminar to nationals residing in Italy focusing on the objective situation in the homeland as well as regional developments.

At the seminar that was conducted on 9 October, Minister Osman gave an extensive briefing on the national security, economic political, diplomatic, and information programs in relation to the regional and global developments.

Indicating that the peace and stability in the region depend on mutual benefit, respect, and cooperation among the countries, Minister Osman discussed on the significant role and contribution of nationals in the Diaspora and national organizations in national affairs and especially in public diplomacy.

Mr. Osman also gave proper answers to questions forwarded by participants.


At the seminar, nationals from Sicily, Abruzzi, Naples, Firenze, Bologna, and other cities and areas of Italy took part.




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