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World Day of Hand Wash observed

Asmara, 16 October 2021- World Day of Hand Wash was observed at the regional level in the port city of Massawa, Northern Red Sea Region, on 15 October.

At the event organized by the Ministries of Education and health, Mr. Ismail Saleh, head of educational facilities in the region, said that washing hands has a vital contribution in preventing communicable diseases and that the awareness-raising activities conducted in schools to that effect have registered commendable result.

Mr. Berhane Alemseged, head of the Ministry of Health branch in the region, also said that the objective of the Day is to boost societal awareness on the importance of handwashing as well as environmental sanitation in the prevention of the prevalence of communicable diseases and called for reinforced participation of the public to that effort.

Mr. Haile Asfaha, administrator of Massawa city, on his part said that washing hand is the easiest means of prevention the prevalence of communicable diseases and expressed appreciation to those that organized the event.

The event was highlighted with a general knowledge contest between students from four schools.


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