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Workshop on Food Safety

Asmara, 24 October 2021- The Department of Regulatory and Control Service at the Ministry of Agriculture organized a workshop focusing on Food Safety from 20 to 22 October at Ambasoira Hotel.

At the workshop in which representatives from various government and private institutions as well as colleges and experts in related subjects took part, extensive discussion was conducted Codex Alimentary related to food safety.

Extensive discussion was also conducted on the possibility of integrating regrouping of the scattered research institutions, designing regulations at national level practical for Government and private institutions, as well as effort to raise the understanding of the public on food safety.

Indicating the importance and timeliness of the workshop, the participants adopted various recommendations.

Underlining the significance of the workshop in sharing experiences and expertise, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, Minister of Agriculture, said that the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the Ministry of Marine Resources as part of the effort to ensure food security is conducting encouraging effort to produce fertilizer free of chemicals.

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