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Meeting on role of community in development drives


Barentu, 27 October 2021 – The Governor of Gash Barka region, Ambassador Mahmud Ali-Hiruy called on government institutions, PFDJ branches, and national organizations to reinforce and integrate effort towards strengthening community led implementation of development programs in the region.

The Governor made the call during a meeting conducted in Barentu with public representatives, workers of government institutions, PFDJ and national associations.

Speaking at the meeting Ambassador Mahmud underlined the significance of integration of operations and strengthening internal capacity in the effective implementation of development drives.

Indicating that the implementation of development programs have been conducted with a strong public participation, the Governor called for sturdy endeavor in ensuring the sustainability of increased public and workers participation.

Ambassador Mahmud Ali-Hiruy also highlighted, alongside the execution of development programs, the need for ensuring regular maintenance and proper utilization of social service provision institutions put in place in the region.

The participants expressed readiness to strengthen contribution in the implementation of development programs and called for the sustainability of similar meetings.

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