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Election of area administrators, managing directors, and village coordinators

Asmara, 07 November 2021 – Residents of the 13 sub-zones of Asmara and three other subzones of the Central region are electing their area administrators, managing directors, and village coordinators starting today, 07 November, respecting the guidelines issued to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the report, elections will be conducted in 83 administrative areas and that so far elections have been conducted in Adi-Nefas, Adi-Abeto, Adi-Musa, Hadas Mekane-Genet, Birhan Ayni, Azen, Ziban-Bedu, Kuazen, Adiregit, Adengoda, Adi-Shaka, Areberebue, Gulie, Temamie, Tredishi, as well as Tselot and Edaga-Arbi.

The objective of the elections that have been delayed by a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic is to replace the outgoing area administrators, managing directors, and village coordinators.



Speaking to Erina, Ms. Almaz Abraha, head of the administrative supervision branch in the Central Region Administration stated that those that are eligible to vote are those aged 18 and above and the nominees should be above 25 years old and should have completed the National Service.

Ms. Almaz also called the newly elected area administrators and village coordinators to diligently and fairly serve the people that elected them.

At the elections that will be conducted until the end of the month, the residents will elect 83 administrative areas, 83 managing directors, and 209 village coordinators.

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