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PFDJ Conference in Switzerland

Asmara, 10 November 2011 – The PFDJ branch in Switzerland conducted its 8th conference on 7 November in Bern.

At the conference that was conducted with limited participation of members due to the guidelines issued by the respective country to combat the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, two years activity report was presented in terms of strengths and weaknesses witnessed as well as the charted out future programs.

At the reports, the PFDJ sub-branches highlighted on the activities and contributions of the nationals during the COVID-19 pandemic and argued to strengthen organizational capacity and increase participation in national affairs.

Even though the implementation of charted out programs of the PFDJ in Switzerland has been restrained due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the report commended the participation of the nationals in the national affairs.

Following discussion on the agenda items of the conference, the participants held intensive discussion on future work programs and called for organizing awareness raising seminars, strengthening organizational capacity, as well as reinforcement of youth participation in national affairs among others.

Indicating that conscious and strong organizational capacity is the secret of the success of the Eritrean people, the Head of Public and Community Affairs Mr. Shileshi Edris called for strengthening organizational capacity and contribution in the national development drives.

The Charge d’Affairs at the Embassy of Eritrea in Switzerland and Permanent Mission of Eritrea at the UN Office in Geneva, Mr. Adm Idris on his part, expressed conviction that strong effort will be exerted in reinforcing organizational capacity, unity and participation as well as contribution in the national development programs.

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