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Call to play due role in preserving heritage

Mendefera, 11 November 2021- The Culture branch at the Southern Region called on citizens to play due role in discovering and preserving ancient and historical heritage in the region.

At the seminar conducted in Mendefera on 9 November under the theme “Ancient Heritage Resources and their Preservation”, Mr. Gebremicael Gebreselasie and Mr. Temesgen Hagos, experts in heritage preservation, indicating that Eritrea is rich in ancient and historical heritage resources of different periods, called for proper study and documentation of the intangible heritage in the Southern Region.

Briefing on essence of heritage and cultural traditions, current status of heritage and the danger they are facing as well as means of preserving heritage were provided by experts in the domain.

Indicating that the danger of damage the heritages are facing is not to be viewed lightly, the participants called for similar seminars in all the sub-zones of the region with a view to develop the understanding of the public, establishment of regional museum, providing due attention to the preservation of ancient and historical heritage.

Mr. Abraham Yohannes, Director of Culture and Sports in the Southern Region on his part called on the public to reinforce participation in the effort to document and preserve ancient and historical heritage in the region.

In the Southern Region there are a number of ancient and historical heritage sites as well as ancient monasteries.


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