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  Training on research and discovery of heritage

Asmara, 20 November 2021- The Commission of Culture and Sports in cooperation with Italian-based ‘Research Center for the Eastern Desert (Ce.RDO)’ organized training focusing on research and discovery of heritage.

The training that was provided by experts from Politechnico Milano and Archeologists from the Commission of Culture and Sports, included research and conservation of heritage and role of the society, introduction to human skeleton remains, earth and marine science, 3D microscope scanning, and other related topics.

Indicating that the training was part of the “Adulis Archeological Research Project”, Prof. Serena Massa, Italian Archeologist, and Dr. Tsegay Medin, Eritrean Archeologist, said that the training will have a significant contribution to the future research and discovery of heritage in the country.

Noting that the training will have an important contribution to the discovery and conservation of historical and ancient heritage in the country, Ambassador Zemede Tekle, Commissioner of Culture and Sports, called on the trainees to apply the training they received practically on the ground.

The 10 days training was attended by 35 experts including 15 females from the central office of the Commission and regions.

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