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World HIV/AIDS Day observed

Asmara, 01 December 2021- World HIV/AIDS Day was observed today, 01 December at national level at the Orotta Referral Hospital Hall in Asmara under the theme “Ending Inequality, Ending AIDS, Ending Pandemic”.

Indicating that even though the number of infection in the country is not alarming there are still vulnerable members of the society, Dr. Araya Berhane, head of Communicable Diseases at the Ministry of Health, said that Eritrea is contributing its part to realize the global initiative to ‘End HIV/AIDS’ by 2030.

Commending the progress Eritrea has registered in controlling the prevalence of the killer disease, Ms. Therese Poirier, UN AIDS Country Director, called for community based effort to totally eradicate the disease that is still posing major threat worldwide.

According to the report presented by Sister Negisti Tesfamicael, head of HIV/AIDS control unit at the Ministry of Health, the number of infection in the country to date is 0.36% and called for integrated effort on the part of all stakeholders for better outcome.

The event was featured with artistic and cultural performances depicting the day.

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