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Ministry of Justice organizes ‘Law Week’

Asmara, 06 December 2021- The ‘Law Week’ organized by the Ministry of Justice was opened today, 6 December in the presence of senior Government and PFDJ officials, religious leaders as well as invited guests under the theme “Law and Nation Building”.

In her keynote speech at the opening event held at the Municipality Hall, Ms. Fawzia Hashim, Minister of Justice, said that respect for and abiding by the law is a cultural heritage that has been inherited and transferred from generation to generation in the Eritrean society.

Minister Fawzia further noted that efforts have been undergoing ever since the armed struggle for independence to ensure the proper understanding and making such precious heritage up-to-date and conforming to the current situation of sustainability.

Minister Fawzia also said that the fact that law is a dynamic rule that binds the overall development and nation-building programs, public awareness programs have been undertaken on a continuous basis and that the Law Week that will be conducted from 6 to 12 December is part of the effort.

The main objectives of the ‘Law Week’ are raising awareness of the public and ensuring the sustainability, and continuity of identifying values, laws, and orders of the Eritrean public, as well as ensuring active and comprehensive participation of every citizen.

The Law Week that will stay open until 12 December will include various programs including seminars on ‘Law and Nation Building’ and ‘Eritrea and International Law’ as well as workshops focusing on drafting and consolidation of laws and programs for Eritreans in the Diaspora, planting trees, sports activities, blood donation, and others.

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