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Call to strengthen sports activity

Asmara, 09 December 2021- At an activity assessment meeting conducted on 8 December, Ambassador Zemede Tekle, Commissioner of Culture and Sports, called for giving due attention to sports activity beyond domestic and regional competitions.

Indicating that the sources of sports development are schools and sports federations, Ambassador Zemede called for identifying strengthens and shortcomings and working for a better outcome.

At the activity assessment meeting organized by the Culture and Sports Department in the Central Region and in which representatives of 13 federations, heads of sports in the sub-zones and clubs, as well as invited guests, took part, the report was presented focusing on the participation of Eritrean athletes in the national, regional and global competitions and victories registered.

The participants on their part conducted an extensive discussion of the report presented and adopted various recommendations.

Mr. Endrias Asmerom, head of the Culture and Sports Department in the Central Region, on his part called on all concerned institutions and federations to conduct relentless effort for the development of sports.

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