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Resolve to strengthen participation in national affairs

Asmara, 09 December 2021- At a seminar conducted on 5 December, Eritrean nationals in Germany expressed readiness to strengthen participation in the national development programs.

At the virtual seminar that was organized by the Eritreans national committee, Mr. Kibreab Tekeste, Consul General of Eritrea, gave an extensive briefing on the objective situation in the homeland in terms of regional developments.

The briefing by Mr. Kibreab was focused on the role of Eritrean nationals in the political, security, media, and diplomatic activities, the effort being exerted to ensure social justice, and the substantial investment being made to develop human resources and the achievement registered as well as the unwarranted external hostilities against Eritrea.

Mr. Kibreab also called on the nationals to strengthen organizational capacity and participation in national affairs.

Mr. Medhanie Tesa’alem, head of the Community Organization of the Eritreans national committee presented a plan of action for the committee.

At the seminar, an agreement was reached that every national starting from January 2021 to raise 200 Euros and more to the effort to fight the illegal and unilateral sanctions imposed on Eritrea.

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