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MoJ’s “Law Week” concluded

Asmara, 12 December 2021 – ‘Law Week’ that was organized by the Ministry of Justice under the theme “Law and Nation Building”was concluded yesterday, 11 December at Zoba Maekel Hall in Asmara.

The Law Week that has been conducted from 6 Decemberincluded various programs including seminars on ‘Law and Nation Building’, ‘Eritrea and International Law’, as well as workshops focusing on drafting and consolidation of laws and programs for the EritreanDiaspora, planting of trees, sports activities, blood donation, and others.

The objective of the ‘Law Week’ is raising awareness of the public and ensuring the sustainability, and continuity of identifying values, laws, and orders of the Eritrean public, as well as ensuring active and comprehensive participation of every citizen.

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