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Activity assessment meeting in Anseba

Keren, 24 December 2021- At the activity assessment meeting conducted in Anseba Region from 20 to 23 December call was made for integrated effort for the successful implementation of charted-out development programs.

Speaking at the meeting, the Governor of the Anseba Region, Ambassador Abdella Musa called for preserving the already registered achievements and strengthening all-around participation in the implementation of the programs for 2022.

According to the report presented at the meeting, the praiseworthy effort has been exerted to ensure transportation service across the region including renovation of roads connecting Keren city with the sub-zones in the region.

Furthermore, the report indicated that commendable agricultural activities have been conducted with a view to ensure food security and stabilize markets.

Regarding water and soil conservation, over 56 thousand hectares of terraces have been constructed, about five thousand km of terraces renovated, 260 thousand water diversion schemes constructed, six micro-dams are under construction, and a number of portable water projects put in place.

The participants conducted extensive discussions on the report presented and adopted various recommendations.

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