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Meeting of Anseba Regional Assembly


Keren, 25 December 2021- The Anseba Regional Assembly held its 23rd regular meeting on 23 December in Keren.

The Secretary of the regional Assembly, Mr. Suleiman Mohammed-Nur said that the objective of the meeting was to review activities of 2021 and discuss on the charted out development programs for 2022.

The Assembly discussed on issues related to education that need to be addressed including challenges in the teaching-learning process, renovation of schools, shortages of residential houses of teachers as well as lack of directors trained in administration and leadership.

The Assembly called for recruiting foot doctors to support the effort of the Ministry of Health in providing health service to remote parts of the region.

The Assembly reviewing the water and soil conservation activities conducted and called for reinforced effort for better outcome.

According to the report presented at the meeting in the Anseba Region there are over 10 thousand families of martyrs and that over 13 million Nakfa has been disbursed in support of the families.

Following discussion on the reports presented, the Regional Assembly adopted various recommendations including strengthening agricultural activities, enhancement of environmental sanitation programs, reinforce effort to curb the spread of COVID-19, developing the teaching-learning process and other relevant issues.

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