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SRS-Activity assessment meeting

Assab, 31 December 2021- The Southern Red Sea Region conducted an activity assessment meeting of 2021 on 28 and 29 December in the port city of Assab.

Speaking at the meeting, Ambassador Mohammed-Seid Mantai, Governor of the region, said that in 2021 encouraging activities have been conducted including supply of potable water to all sub-zones in the region and replacing old water pipelines in the port city of Assab.

Ambassador Mohammed-Seid also said that a reinforced effort will be conducted to reduce the death rate of mothers and infants during delivery.

According to a report presented at the meeting, in 2021 eleven schools have been constructed and a number of health and educational facilities have been renovated and have significantly contributed to developing service provisions.

With ample rainfall distribution in 2021 encouraging development has been registered in the agricultural sector including vegetables and fruits farming, as well as poultry and fishing, the report added.

Ambassador Mohammed-Seid Mantai also said that in 2022 priority will be given to combating the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, expansion of social service provision institutions both in quantity and quality, as well as developing productivity in all sectors.

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