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Workshop on preservation of cultural heritage

Asmara, 14 January 2022- Workshop focusing on the preservation of cultural heritage organized by the Department of Culture and Sports in the Central Region has been conducted on 13 and 14 January at the Asmara Municipality Hall under the theme “Preserving Cultural Heritage through Coordinated Management”.

Mr. Endrias Asmeraom, D.G. of Culture and Sports in the region, said that the objective of the workshop was to develop the understanding of the public on the significance of cultural heritage as well as to encourage experts in the field to conduct thorough and profound research so that they are properly preserved and transferred to posterity.

At the workshop, research papers were presented including ‘Significance of Cultural Heritage and their Preservation’, ‘UNESCO Convention of 2003 and its Implementation in Eritrea’, ‘Role of Tigre folklore in Society’, ‘Documentation of Cultural Heritage in Eritrea’, ‘Asmara World Heritage’, ‘Leadership and Management of Cultural Heritage as well as ‘Importance of Cultural Institution’.

The workshop was attended by experts in the field, architects, artists, linguists, as well as staff members of the Ministry of Tourism, administrations and invited guests.

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