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NAEWDV: Commendable rehabilitation program

Asmara, 17 January 2022 – The National Association of Eritrean War Disabled Veterans stated that the association has conducted praiseworthy activities aimed at improving the socio-economic status of members.

Speaking to Erina the head of rehabilitation and restructuring, Mr. Abraham Kifletsion indicated that the association beyond organizing training programs with a view to developing the capacity of members is also providing free of charge health care service.

The training programs that have been provided include driving, sculpture, weaving, bee and livestock farming, as well as computer technology and construction.

Stating that trainees are provided with loans to enable them to initiate small-scale businesses, Mr. Abraham said that from 2016-2018 over 58 million Nakfa loan has been distributed to 2 thousand 722 members and over 2.1 million Nakfa in 2021 and called on beneficiaries to return their loans in time.

Furthermore, he indicated that the association has distributed over 2.5 million interest-free loans to 227 disadvantaged war-disabled women veterans from all regions.

Mr. Abraham further noted that the association in cooperation with partners has established various income generation and sports facilities in various regions including mills and gymnasiums.

The optical center established in 2019 is also providing commendable service, Mr. Abraham added.


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