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Financial support to families of martyrs

Massawa, 26 January 2022- Youth workers organization and trainees of Nakfa Social Science Training Center contributed 93 thousand Nakfa in support of 33 families of martyrs in their areas.

Accordingly, 12 families of martyrs in 12 administrative areas in Ghinda sub-zone were extended with 6 thousand Nakfa each while 21 families of martyrs in Nakfa sub-zone were provided with one thousand Nakfa each.

Indicating that supporting families of martyrs is not to be left to the Government only, Mr. Omar Yahya, administrator of Ghinda sub-zone, commended the initiative the youth workers organization took.

Pointing out that the support was in continuation of the similar initiative by the public to support families of martyrs, Mr. Yohannes Keleta, director of the Nakfa Social Science Training Center, said that the center is initiating a program to enable families of martyrs improve their livelihoods.

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