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UN delegation held meeting with senior Government officials

Asmara, 27 January 2022- The Regional Directors and other senior United Nations officials in Africa that are on a five-day working visit in Eritrea met and held talks with Ministers and senior Eritrean Government officials.

The objective of the meeting was to identify priorities and strengthen mutual cooperation and partnership in accordance with the five years Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework launched between the Eritrean Government and UN Agencies launched on 25 January in Asmara.

At the meeting the delegation conducted with Mr. Hagos Gebrehiwot, head of Economic Affairs of the PFDJ, they were provided an extensive briefing on the basic principles of the economic policy of the Eritrean Government including social justice, trade and investment, agriculture, fisheries, mining, infrastructure, and international cooperation as well as comparative advantage of Eritrea including the peace and stability as well as the strategic geographical location of the country.

The delegation also met and held talks with Ms. Fauzia Hashim, Minister of Justice, Mr. Arefaine Berhe, Minister of Agriculture, and Mr. Tesfay Zekarias, D. G. of Energy focusing on sectoral development policies and programs.

The UN Delegation on 26 January also visited developmental sites and projects in the Southern Region aimed at creating a common understanding of the developmental priorities of the Eritrean Government.

The 25 member delegation visited the National Fistula Treatment Center at Mendefera Referral Hospital, Halhale Agricultural Research Institute, Halhale Agricultural Project, ‘Azieb’ milk and milk products private enterprise, Areza, and Mai-Dima Solar System Projects, Logo and Misilam Dams as well as other developmental projects in the Southern Region.

Speaking to Erina, the participants said that with the visit they conducted they have been able to observe and appreciate the Eritrean Government has registered in the development programs especially in the sectors of health and agriculture.

The participants further expressed that the progress they observed on the ground will have significant input in the advancement of the five years Development and Cooperation Framework launched between Eritrea and the UN agencies.

They also expressed appreciation for the readiness of the Government of Eritrea to work with the United Nations Agencies.

It is to be recalled that the Government of Eritrea and UN Agencies at a ceremony held in Asmara on 25 January launched five years Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework on the sectors of infrastructure, agriculture, energy, industry, health education as well as capacity building.

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