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Over three million tree seedlings planted


Asmara, 30 January 2022- At an activity assessment meeting conducted on 28 January, the Forestry and Wildlife Authority reported that in 2021 over three million tree seedlings have been planted across the country.

According to the report presented at the meeting 45% has been planted by individuals, 36% by communities, students and institutions, 17% through the students’ summer work program, the remaining by school communities as well as members of the Defense Forces.

The report also indicated that in the coming five years more effort will be exerted to raise the coverage of forest to 10% nationwide.

Regarding development of wildlife, the report pointed out that there is 614 thousand 500 hectares reserved land across the country out of which 106 thousand hectares is in the Northern and Southern Red Sea escarpments, 44 thousand hectares in Gash Setit, 400 thousand in Bure, Airori and Hawakil and 64 thousand 500 in the Dahlak Island.

Speaking at the occasion, Col. Kinfe Habtom, General Director of the Authority, called on the public to reinforce participation in the effort to ensure the safety and sustainability of the reserved lands.

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