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Financial contribution in support of families of martyrs

Asmara, 06 February 2022- Eritrean nationals in various cities of Canada contributed 21 thousand 740 US Dollars and 45 thousand 200 Canada Dollars in support of families of martyrs.

According to a report from the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, forty-three nationals in Calgary contributed 36 thousand 720 Canada Dollars and 730 US Dollars, four nationals in Winnipeg 1 thousand 440 US Dollars, four nationals in Toronto 1 thousand 080 US Dollars and 1 thousand 580 Canada Dollars, thirteen nationals in Saskatoon 7 thousand 740 US Dollars, and two nationals in Brampton 730 US Dollars.

Similarly, national holidays coordinating committee in Winnipeg contributed 7 thousand 920 US Dollars, one family in Mississauga 2 thousand 100 US Dollars, one family in Langley BC 5 thousand 400 Canada Dollars, and one family in Surrey BC 1 thousand 500 Canada Dollars.

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